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BMW Car Competitions

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BMW Car Competitions

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BMW M3 Review
M3. Just a single letter and number. But it elicits a hugely emotional resonance with UK car enthusiasts. When the first BMW M3 was shown at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 1985 it spawned an entirely new segment of the market. Many have tried to copy the award-winning formula of unsurpassed driving dynamics and intelligent engineering combined with day-to-day practicality and understated performance.

BMW aims to maintain its class-leading position with the new, fourth generation, BMW M3 Coupé. It is the most powerful production M3 ever produced, featuring a lightweight 420hp eight-cylinder engine while introducing elements from BMW's EfficientDynamics programme that, in combination, delivers a cleaner, more frugal, compact supercar.

Power is transmitted to the road via a six-speed manual gearbox and the BMW variable M differential lock. The short gear lever and close gate encourages swift, positive changes. The variable M differential uses a torque-sensing differential lock to channel power to the rear wheel that can transmit the most traction. This unique differential really excels in cornering or on slippery road surfaces.

The new BMW M3 Coupé delivers rapid straight line speed with zero to 62mph attained in 4.8 seconds and an electronically-limited 155mph top speed.

The BMW M3 Coupé is the first M product to feature EfficientDynamics technologies. Consequently the car is eight per cent more fuel efficient than the outgoing model recording 22.8mpg on the combined cycle. Emissions have also been cut by nine per cent from 323g/km to 295g/km. The M3 Coupé is helped in achieving these figures courtesy of Brake Energy Regeneration, one of the elements of BMW's EfficientDynamics programme. Previously engine power produced during deceleration was lost, but now it is recycled to charge an Absorbent Glass Mat battery. Conversely, under acceleration, the alternator decouples to avoid being a drain on engine performance. An optimum gear change indicator in the instrument binnacle can help cut fuel consumption further as it advises the driver of the optimum gear to choose for economical motoring.

One strand of the EfficientDynamics ethos employed on the new M3 Coupé is the extensive use of lightweight technology. The most obvious sign of this is the carbon fibre reinforced plastic roof. A first for the segment, the roof saves 22kgs over a conventional steel roof with a sunroof fitted and is made at BMW's Landshut foundry; the same location at which engine block is produced for the BMW Sauber F1 team. The roof also serves to lower the car's centre of gravity for better balance.

The unique carbon-fibre reinforced plastic roof is just one element that aids the car's chassis set-up and impressive dynamic capabilities. The new M3 Coupé features a bespoke suspension configuration and construction. To save 2.5kgs in weight without compromising rigidity, nearly all of the components in the front double joint spring strut suspension are made from aluminium. All of the components in the five-link rear axle suspension, except for one track control arm, are also made of aluminium. Other lightweight materials used include thermoplastics for the bumpers and front wings, and a bonnet made of aluminium.

The driver of an M3 Coupé is supported by the most sophisticated and advanced stability control systems in the automotive world. Dynamic Stability Control + provides a welcome electronic safety blanket and is a system that can be fine-tuned to suit driving style. DSC+ includes the functions of traction control, Anti-slip + Traction, Corner Brake Control and adds further features to improve wet braking performance, smoothness of braking and hill starts.

For those drivers wishing to experience the dynamic capabilities of the new M3, MDynamic Mode can be selected via the iDrive menu. MDynamic Mode permits a greater degree of performance and wheel slip before the DSC+ system intervenes. While this has a practical benefit for slow speed starts on slippery surfaces such as snow and ice, its real function is to allow spirited driving with maximum driver involvement.

Available as an option, Electronic Damper Control (EDC) allows three different stages of ride set-up - Comfort, Normal and Sport - selected manually via a button adjacent to the gear lever. For a greater degree of personalisation the throttle and steering sensitivity can also be changed using the Power button, located alongside the EDC button.

MDrive Manager offers owners the optimum in M car personalisation. It enables all the configurations of EDC, DSC+ / MDynamic Mode, throttle and steering response to be preconfigured by the driver. Once set-up, the driver needs only to press the steering wheel-mounted M button to select his preferred driving configuration. Of course, as the driver spends more time in the car, the configurations can be changed to suit new requirements.

While the basic silhouette of the M3 Coupé resembles the standard 3 Series Coupé, BMW M's bespoke design ethos ensures that 80 per cent of the parts differ from the standard model. Apart from the car's actual structure, only the doors, boot lid, windows and front and rear lights are carried over. All other components have been tailor-made for the M3 Coupé.

The BMW M3 Coupé has grown marginally in all dimensions compared to the previous model yet it has near-identical aerodynamic efficiency. The heavily sculptured front has been designed to channel up to 400 litres of air per second into the engine. The purposefully-styled spoiler and sculpted wing mirrors create additional downforce for even better road holding. At the rear, the quad exhaust pipes protrude in pairs on either side of a small venturi, while a discreet rear spoiler on the bootlid provides yet more downforce.

Inside, front seat occupants are cocooned in deeply contoured sports seats equipped with full electric adjustment. The two rear seats are divided by a central storage binnacle and are designed to accommodate two adults in comfort, while the 430-litre boot is capable of swallowing the luggage of four people.

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